SLVRSPN - The Professional Affiliate & Content Marketer Blueprint

Chris Hardy
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If you're reading this, you've likely been struggling to crack the code of how to build a successful, working business online...

If you're still serious about succeeding, look at these results below

Those are sales notifications that hit my inbox every single day, allowing me to earn money as I sleep

Why do you care?

Maybe you shouldn't. If you're happy with your current life, then this is not for you

For everyone else wanting...

  • absolute freedom over your life and work
  • the ability to travel when you want and have complete individual sovereignty
  • to quit the rat-race and independently make more money than your job could ever give you

For people who want to start seeing quick results like these people

This is for you...

I'm guessing you've tried and failed at a few things before and you're confused as to why some people seem to just have it worked out and you don't

There seems to be a secret that you're unable to quite grasp

I know all this because I used to feel exactly the same way

After starting my "side hustle" journey around 5 years ago, I tried everything in the book. I stayed up until 3am every night determined to succeed

Eventually I started seeing progress and started showing others what I was discovering and teaching them how to identify scams and phony products

After wading through 10,000 hours of programs and scams, I became an expert at separating B.S from what works

From this I started to develop an audience got a lot of questions on how to actually get things really working

In return, I would recommend the LEGIT products I had found that saved people time and money

I had become a sort of "Scam Police"

while my audience appreciated this, many people were still stuck

Even the more legit programs out there seemed wishy-washy and involved undesirable tasks like cold calling or spending too much money upfront

To battle this pain point I decided to create something of my own...


I call it this because that's exactly what it is...

I realized that most people were tired of blind-trying; tired of hitting dead end after dead end

I would get messages like, "Can I get you on the phone or get coaching?"

I realized that like many programs out there, I was only giving people a PATH to take instead of just THE RESULT

Then it hit me

Could I actually just spoon feed what I do every day to other people?

And the answer was, Yes... See for yourself...

SLVRSPN was born

The SLVRSPN program is what I believe to be the most comprehensive, and easy-to-follow formula to building a business online

and it's designed in a way whereby you don't need to do any thinking of your own

"Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat forever"

Forget all that!

I'm just going to give you the damn fish!

Look, I have bought TONNES of programs, and 99% of them fail to deliver on one major key ingredient


Most products out there are unable to crack this piece of the code, yet they will still put out programs claiming extraordinary results

I call these products "Theoretically Sound" Programs

They sound good in theory, and even adhere to certain fundamentals of making money, but when it comes to actually working in reality?

It's the TRAFFIC they fall short on

You learn to build an E-Com store, install all the cool plugins and then?

"Oh, but for traffic, you need to experiment with Facebook ads and you might fail a few times, throw money down the drain, but eventually it should work"

You learn to build a freelancing business or agency, setup a neat profile, and get some nifty software that will automatically send out emails?

"Oh, but you need to eventually get people on the phone and you might only close like 1 out of 20, and you'll get rejected a lot, and it's a time sink, and people are rude, but keep at it and it should pay off!"

You build a basic affiliate marketing business and build a cool website and learn SEO?
"So like, you might not rank for a 3-6 months because your site is new, but just keep at it and hopefully you should start ranking well!"

You buy a social media building program, which promises free traffic from Twitter or IG?
"You're going to have to engage with 20 bigger accounts a day, tweet 5 times a day, and reply 50 times a day, and then you should see your followers and sales increase... that's how I did it!"

"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

This definitely isn't what you're looking for, I'm sure

SLVRSPN is the only program I've seen that doesn't have this "traffic-getting wall" that you hit with 99% of other programs

In fact, inside is a traffic method that works so well and so regularly that it even allows you to TAKE BACK from those that scammed you

You get to take $$ from the scammers!

And that's just a tiny fraction of what is inside

The program is laid out with the SLVRSPN concept in mind, meaning you just need to follow along, do what I say, when I say it, and I can guarantee results


What you get:

  • Inside information on the nature of the industry, exposing it for what it is
  • Learn how to position yourself amongst those who are winning
  • Learn how to be a professional affiliate and content marketer (not just a guy with a link and no audience)
  • Learn how to build assets that make you money passively
  • Get access to an inner-circle discord so you can get on-demand help from myself and those on the same path as you (Get in before monthly subscription)
  • Learn how to setup a simple backend funnel so you earn money while you sleep
  • Learn to create written & video content that ranks and gets immediate traffic and sales
  • Learn multiple GOLDEN, free traffic getting methods that allow you to get sales immediately (This is no joke)
  • Learn to leech of scammer traffic and take back what they took from you
  • Get access to a 5-Part BONUS Accelerator program, that distills the program down into a "quick money" method that will allow you to easily earn commissions in the next 24 hours or less
  • Get Access to mini-courses, and other programs I've released in the past year

There's simply nothing else out there that is going to get you results this fast and this easily

All you need to do is open you mind, and be spoon-fed your way to results!

As long as you follow along, you will only find success!

Check out some results from utilizing the SLVRSPN Method

This is what the results of a professional looks like. You will receive exponentially more sales than your average affiliate/content marketer


Teachable in a way whereby I can literally spoon feed it to you, exactly what, when, and how, so you will make money from just following along and being consistent

Currently, the program is at a ridiculously low price tag as my goal is to build the community first

It absolutely will increase over time and become a monthly subscription due to the value that will continue to grow inside the inner-circle and a continually updated and improved-upon product

Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts - Click the ‘I want this’ button now, and get life-time access (you'll never need to pay monthly, even later on)

See you inside!

11 ratings
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  • What's inside...

  • SLVRSPN Full Access
  • SLVR Inner-Circle Community Access
  • SLVRSPN "Make Money Now" Accelerator Program
  • SLVRBYTES Mini-Bonus Courses
  • BONUS: GumProfits Program
  • BONUS: Bonus Dynamo Bonus Page Builder
  • What's inside...
  • SLVRSPN Full Access
  • SLVR Inner-Circle Community Access
  • SLVRSPN "Make Money Now" Accelerator Program
  • SLVRBYTES Mini-Bonus Courses$297
  • BONUS: GumProfits Program$47
  • BONUS: Bonus Dynamo Bonus Page Builder$47


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