SLVRSPN "Fast-Money" Accelerator

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SLVRSPN "Fast-Money" Accelerator

Chris Hardy
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This is the LIGHT version to SLVRSPN and is also Included as a bonus within the FULL SLVRSPN program

(More into what "Light Version" means later)

The SLVRSPN "Fast-Money" Accelerator takes the SLVRSPN method and packages it down into the quickest way to make money that EXISTS!

It's the SLVRSPN method, without the work, and without the thinking

In 5 videos, I give you...

  1. An Introduction To The Method
  2. A Product To Promote
  3. Tools & Content Setup Instructions
  4. A "How To" On Building An Effective Funnel
  5. An Exact SINGLE Traffic Source That Gets You Sales Without Any Additional Work (No, It's Not Social Media)

If you're not ready to dive into the SLVRSPN method and you're not yet a believer of the hype, this light version will show you the LIGHT (hence the name)

Here are results from using this method on just ONE product

Note: While the SLVRSPN method is a scalable business model, with the Accelerator you will likely hit a wall after 3-4 figures

Just being honest. This is not supposed to be a full-on business.

You will make money, but you will also be limited using purely the Accelerator version

Having said that...

I know that once you see the LIGHT with the Light Version, you'll be hyped to really start scaling

See you inside!

I want this!
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